State-Of-The-Art Laboratory

Our brand new laboratory was built by Cleanrooms Australia and consists of 3 different EU GMP class cleanrooms and 1 class A laminar flow cabinet.

"EU GMP guidelines are more stringent than others, requiring cleanrooms to meet particle counts at operation (during manufacturing process) and at rest (when manufacturing process is not carried out, but the room Air Handler Unit is on)." - Wikipedia

Class D cleanroom is where all of our raw Foetal Bovine Serum production takes place. 

Class C is where the filtration process happens. We use a single use Sartorius Stedim Biotech filtration system, ensuring no cross contamination can occur between batches.

Class B room + class A laminar flow cabinet is where the final filtered serum is bottled, using one of the most accurate bottle fillers on the market.

All of our rooms are monitored by using real time fixed particle counters, supplied and installed by LAFtech. Real time room particle counts can be accessed at anytime, anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. This is a service we offer our customers.

The laboratory as well as the -20ºC freezer and thawing room temperatures can be monitored and controlled remotely.