Foetal Bovine Serum Pharmaceutical Grade Australian Origin

Foetal Bovine Serum Pharmaceutical Grade Australian Origin

Triple 0.1µm Sterile Filtered Pharmaceutical Grade Australian Origin

Many biopharmaceutical laboratories and research clinics utilise Foetal Bovine Serum in their applications. In order to control any risk of contamination from animal products, Cellsera follows a series of directives and regulations for the use of Bovine Sera in pharmaceutical processes. These guidelines are as followed: 

  • The FDA’s Code of Federal Regulation (9CFR)
  • The EMEA Guideline
  • The European Pharmacopoeia Monograph of Bovine Serum.

All pharmaceutical grade products are subject to a quality assurance system that comply with these specifications. 


Product Specifications


Certified Australian Origin


Endotoxin = <10 EU/mL

Haemoglobin = <25 mg/dL

IgG = <300 µg/mL 

9 CFR 113.47 (Fluorescent antibody) virus assay


Product Number

Australian Origin
Pharmaceutical Grade Foetal Bovine Serum